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  1. Fgonzales
  2. Joel Dubose
    Joel Dubose DTubb
    Hello, I heard that you have a muzzel break, that has a barrel tunner built on it. Can I purchace this ? Its not on the Tubbs website.
  3. eagle478
    eagle478 Dgd6mm
    hi don , my user name is eagle478 my post are on todays page 6 an 7 thursday 7 :14
    7:13 - 7:13 and are in guns actions thanks very much for your help CHANCE (EAGLE478)
  4. Hunter.338edge
    Hunter.338edge IdahoCTD
    Interested in one of your actions for sale could you give me a call 218-252-7207 thanks
  5. onelastshot
    onelastshot Super Admin
    I just donated when will the gold membership show up??????
  6. JMayo
    "Every thing I think I know is subject to revision"
  7. spclark
  8. thoma018
    thoma018 klloyd
    Klloyd, saw this add for L handed palma rifle a bit late. I have one, please call/text 919 604-0872 Don
  9. Bob3700
  10. denobravo
  11. denobravo
    grateful and free
  12. Linsmith
  13. JimT
    JimT Super Admin
    I had a post that was deleted because it was deemed “rude.” I’m wondering what content was considered rude?
  14. Tcross
    Tcross joshb
    Hi joshb, thanks for the reply. Yes, I'm a patient man. If you decide to part with that stock sooner, let me know. Silhouette season will be starting in a couple of months and that's what it will be used for. Presently building a house (hopefully our last) and so my hands are pretty full for now. Let me know how much you want for it. Thanks again. Tony
  15. greg hansen
    greg hansen GNERGY
    I'm looking for a new ftr bipod that attaches to sling swivel,please contact me. Thanks
  16. ShootDots
    ShootDots One Shot One Thrill
    I wrote you a reply on my page where you asked your question..
  17. One Shot One Thrill
    One Shot One Thrill ShootDots
    A question if I may.
    I'm currently using R-22 in 7saum and find it extremely accurate at 1k. I'm about to start with R-23 preoaring for the hot times here in Ga. How much would you recommend reducing the initial charge to be close to the 22?
    Also do you think 23 is as accurate as 22?
    1. ShootDots
      I would start maybe as far as 2 grains down and work up in 3 tenths increments. As far as accuracy is concerned, they are two entirely different powders. All you can do is try RL-23 and see where it lands accuracy wise to 22.. It is a good powder..
      Dec 28, 2018
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  18. mike mccormick
    mike mccormick galt11
    I would take it for $35 shipped. Let me know. Thanks
  19. kooper
    kooper joshb
    MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family. Houston
  20. David101
    David101 normmatzen
    Hi Norm I have been following your comments about protecting the contacts of a relay switching the power supply voltage to the inductor board. What do you suggest a SSR or a relay and if so what value of capacitor and resistor do you suggest to protect the relay from arcing at the contacts 48V 20A. Thanks David