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  1. dsbw
    dsbw DennisH
    Can I buy 500, or a thousand only??
  2. thejamesd
    thejamesd dbduff
    Hi Dave,
    I found a Bat B action and a McMillian MBR stock to go with it. Also got a Jewel trigger. Only thing I'm lacking is a 6mm barrel and Dennis can build my 6BR.
    Now to find some of those JLK bullets.
    Hope things are going well up north!
    See ya around
  3. Guybo
    Guybo SW
    A+ Seller and a great guy to deal with. Item was as described, good communication, well packaged and the shipping was fast. Thank You.
  4. bennett ford
    bennett ford PRECISIONWELDING01
    I received the scope at 10:00AM today. I could not be happier with the condition. It's been a pleasure doing business with you.


    Bennett Ford
  5. NA Woody
    NA Woody David 0306
    Hi David,
    Davisduckcalls tells me you have a McMillan Bat MB stock that you would be interested in selling. If so I would be interested.
    Anthony Woody
  6. rr2030
    If anyone here is interested my Allen abduction support group meets tonight at 7:30
  7. hunter2678
    hunter2678 Erik Cortina
    Eric, by any chance can you tell me the loaded neck diameter of a 6.5 grendel with a 123 scenar and lapua brass?
  8. rap36case
    Studying fraud examination as part of MS in accounting. Interesting aspect of accounting!
  9. josebd
    josebd robhen
    Check your private message about the savage action
  10. GrimmSavage
    GrimmSavage Preacher
    Good to catch up with you on here. I finally made the trip. See ya soon my friend
  11. Juan Rosario
    Juan Rosario nickvaughn316
    What caliber is the Lapua brass
  12. billbonser
    Long Range Shooter - NRA Life Member
  13. 6mmbrhammer
    6mmbrhammer coontz74
    What is the best price you can do?
  14. ergonsdad
    RAS Tuners
  15. GaCop
    GaCop Super Admin
    I just noticed my birthdate is wrong in my profile. It should be December 7th, 1946 NOT December 31, 1900! I'm old but not that old!!
  16. floridabuck
    floridabuck shooter74
    I have a new Sig Tango 4 3-12x42 MOA/MOA.
  17. Orion6.5
    Orion6.5 bigngreen
    Ryan; How can I get in touch with you? Got some questions on a rifle build I want to do. Something that I can shoot the Hammer or Peregrine bullets with the proper twist and without taking up powder space. Looking at the Sherman SS/SST maybe. What are your thoughts?
    Anyway I would love to talk with you if possible.
    Jim Landis
    415-893-9489 (home)
    415-328-8097 (cell)
  18. fm1947
    fm1947 hfinkle
    Hal give me your address again that scope has a sunshade I just came across and an extra knob that some how gives it more moa
  19. BartsBullets
    BartsBullets CaptainMal
    How is Steve doing?

  20. Bud McDaniel