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  1. kwil13
  2. Rick Ratzlaff
    Rick Ratzlaff Super Admin
    I'm guessing this is Paul? I need to talk to you on the phone. Can you text me at 780-518-6885 when if and when it would work for you. Thanks Rick
  3. SD243
    SD243 Mudcat
    I would like to purchase 5 boxes of the Berger 60 gr flat base 6mm bullets.
    Thank you
    1. Mudcat
      matt, I dont think I have any 60gr bullets, but may still have some 80gr FBs if that is what you are after. Please send me a Pm and will try to get you squared away with what you need.
      Oct 9, 2018
  4. BarryB
    BarryB bholcomb
    Hello Barry,

    Nice shooting at Palo despite the last round. I know how you must feel. Are you coming to Texas this weekend for the MR Championship?

    Barry Blackwell
    1. bholcomb
      The wind was gusting 15-20 and I got caught 4 times. I’m lucky that’s all I dropped. Dasher couldn’t hang with the 7mm’s in that. I doubt I’ll make it this weekend. With my little girl, it’s harder to just go off and leave my wife by herself with Allie. I wish you the best of luck! Kick some butt!
      Oct 8, 2018
  5. Colnagotex
    Colnagotex Shiraz
    I would be interested in ordering some replacement medals from Nats when you do.
  6. gemihur
    chompin' at the bit for the upcoming season
  7. SeanPayton
    SeanPayton ttfreestyle
    I'm a sponsor of accurate shooter and a Nightforce dealer. I offer a discount to members of this forum. I'll give you that C535 for $1169 shipped
  8. mr45man
    mr45man msinc
    I'm in Arizona now, last 20 years or so.
    Spend 3 months visiting last summer.
    Miss those crabs. Every where I used to hunt in calvert,Ann Arundel co is gone.
    Had to take the grandson to a trap range
    To shoot the gun I gave him for graduating.
    6.5 creedmore. Bench gun.
    Saint Mary's is all grown also.
    1. msinc
      Yes sir, this place has really seen some growth in the last twenty years...they moved all of NAVAIR to Pax River NAS. That brought in like 30,000 people. it was good for the economy, but not so good for a lot of other things. I am lucky enough to have my own range. Next time you get back this way let me know, you can shoot here all you want.
      Sep 24, 2018
  9. mr45man
    mr45man msinc
    Hi there,
    X smib here, still have family in prince frederick, dunkirk, Owings Baltimore.
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    2. msinc
      Hello sir, I was born over in Solomon's Island...but I live in St. Mary's now. Where are you now??? Sounds like you left the area??
      Sep 23, 2018
  10. atombomb
    atombomb Super Admin
    heya.. I donated $50 on sept 4th, but it hasn't been credited to my account and my gold status applied
  11. nu-no
    No problem, I realized it when I seen your other posting, so I deleted my question. Thanks for your response !!!
  12. Dumptruck
    Dumptruck nu-no
    Sorry it was pic of my McMillan Game Warden for sale a couple threads down
  13. billbonser
    Long Range Shooter
  14. ppc
    ppc alintx
    Great person to deal with. Item exactly as described. Good communication and fast shipping.

  15. jsn
    jsn bobm
    8mm Bullets--I have some older 8mm bullets I picked up some time ago, I'm not going into 8mm at this point. Would you rather have full boxes of 100 or would partials be OK? I'm referring to major manufacturer bullets in weights of 150, 170, 185, 200, and 220 grains, maybe upwards of 600 bullets, that would probably fit in a USPS SFRB.

    1. bobm
      JSH......check your PM
      Sep 16, 2018
  16. AZ BR FAN
    AZ BR FAN ohearchai
    Do you still have the rings and base. If you do can you call me
    Davey Cordova
  17. bobm
    male age 65
  18. KS2506
    KS2506 Barretn
    KS2506 Barretn is a great person to do business with! Very quick to answer emails or posts and easy to deal with. Hope to do business with him again.
  19. brxlefty
    brxlefty Bugs
    With rl16 r you around 41gr with 105 hybrid
  20. mcafee
    mcafee skeetlee
    Lee this is Josh McAfee I talked to you about a 338lm I also have a 6.5 creed I need chambered it is already threaded and short chambered is that something you would finish for me ?