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  1. applescj
    applescj WillyTP
    Your check arrived today, I'll try to have the flags in the mail tomorrow, certainly by Monday.

    Thank You.
  2. Sjc1864
    Sjc1864 Erud
    Thank you for the info that’s what I needed
  3. applescj
    applescj WillyTP
    Thank you sir. Please send a personal check, money order, or certified check with your return address to: Clarence Appleford, 886 E. Antilles Ct., Meridian, Idaho 83642.
  4. applescj
    applescj WillyTP
    They were made for whatever pole Graham uses, I never specified a certain pole. Mr. Graham gave me directions to his pole/stand supplier and I never followed-up. Thank you for the inquiry.
  5. dmccrerery
    dmccrerery s4s4u
    Found it.
  6. applescj
    applescj james gregory
    James......I was unaware of different sizes of Graham Wind Flags...but here it is anyway....Daisey's are 12"dia. and the panels are 12"X 6.5".
  7. Rick Ratzlaff
    Rick Ratzlaff Super Admin
    My password got messed up. Well really my Old Timers head didn't write it down. So I can't change it. SOS
  8. South Prairie jim
    South Prairie jim wvlongshot
    Did you find my hunting spot?
  9. SeanPayton
    SeanPayton XSHOOTER
  10. Michael Bryant
    Michael Bryant GNERGY
    Received the bipod today!! Excellent workmanship , very high quality!! Anyone looking for an F class bipod, look no further. Gnergy bipods are amazing!
  11. Sterling
    Sterling Westhunder
    How much would shipping be to 88124 zip code?
  12. gemihur
    Rootin', tootin', shootin' dude
  13. Michael Bryant
    Michael Bryant GNERGY
    Interested in your bipod! Just wondering if it would attach to my Sako Trg Rifle ? Would love further contact? I’m really new to Ftr shooting, in fact I haven’t entered my first match yet. I’ve heard some good comments about your bipod . I’d like to know cost and if it’s designed to shoot like a sled or loaded . Looks like a sled from pictures I’ve seen. Please contact me I’d love to hear from you!
  14. forest45
  15. Arash Zeng
    Arash Zeng dennyo
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    Arash Zeng
  16. Arash Zeng
    Arash Zeng dennyo
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  17. Arash Zeng
    Arash Zeng dennyo
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  18. bobcat93
    Silver Contributor
  19. McClura
    You don't quit playing when you get old, you get old when you quit playing!
  20. One Shot One Thrill
    One Shot One Thrill rkittine
    Bob do you still have this press?
    1. rkittine
      Nope, went the same day I posted that. Sorry, I should have posted that, which I will.
      Jun 25, 2018