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  1. squirrel man
    squirrel man searcher
    Good afternoon, it's Brian
  2. Scott Romans
    Scott Romans arkcomatt
    I would like to order your base. Please let me know how to do so.
  3. cdngary
    cdngary marcusp323
    Very good person to buy from A+
  4. 300_whisper
    300_whisper Scarface26
    I’m class of 2010. I was in C2 as a cadet. My ring wasn’t stolen, I lost it, because I’m dumb. Lol
  5. PA Jeep
    PA Jeep billshehane
    I will take your BR Pivot. I wont be able to pick it up for 3 weeks. I would be more than happy to PayPal you 300 if you like and the rest in cash. I'm in NJ and could drive down on a Friday. Let me know if this works for you
    Bob Tokar
    973-932-8212 cell
  6. mdlandolfi
    mdlandolfi BobB1691
    Bob, is that your barrel and stock?

    1. BobB1691
      No it's Jerry's.
      Feb 20, 2018 at 9:31 AM
  7. gunman870
    gunman870 hothead
    do you still have any 300 RUM brass?
  8. jobie
    jobie brad6ppc
    Great to deal with. Perfect transaction
  9. sunnydog
    sunnydog Phasor
    How old is this scope
  10. ramslam80
    ramslam80 Rich S
    Hi Rich, Can you send me your email details so that I can send you the US mailing address and also send PayPal gift details so that I can pay you (quickest)
  11. ramslam80
    ramslam80 Rich S
    Hi Rich,
    I will take the 2 flute 1-1/4 dia plus the 1-1/2 dia ball nose end mills.
    Please advise your contact details so that I can arrange payment.
    Thank you Barry
  12. Buccilli
    Buccilli IdahoSharpshooter
    Thanks for the like on the Pierce action. The items are still for sale if you know anyone interested, please let me know.

    Thanks, Gene
  13. dunraven
    dunraven bcrifles
    have one that came out of a 300RUM sendero, if that would work. hardly used. would have to check, but smith may have used firing pin on new build, if you're interested.
  14. bserebreni
    bserebreni Mastershot
    Do you want the rest. Yes or no. I have other buyers but you were first to reply
  15. bserebreni
    bserebreni coontz74
    Can’t access my reply’s. 310 922 6686
  16. bserebreni
    bserebreni group therapy
    Reloading all you need. Also dues 284.65.47. Brass bullets powder dispenser boxes just lots of stuff. I have a storage unit in Sherman oaks. Scopes
  17. marwitz89
    marwitz89 hammerjack
    Sir, please send payment to:

    Joseph Marwitz
    W3671 State Road
    Markesan, WI

    Please send shipping address.
  18. sunnydog
    sunnydog jlc204
    Which 284 seating dies available?
  19. ultramagbrion
    Gunslinger 67 ~ Guerrilla Machinist
  20. ultramagbrion