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  1. ckaberna
    ckaberna JBB111
    Very honest, trustworthy and will work to make things work. I would never hesitate to do business with and look forward to future dealings.
    Kevin Abernathy
  2. Jrbrown454
    Jrbrown454 dedeadeye
    Great seller and gave lots of info on the product.
  3. johnfred1965
    Hi John, do you still have the 6mm barrel? I'd like to buy it. Please email or call me. David Whisenhunt 713 240 1450 or
  4. raidergrad
    raidergrad Hydenseek
    Is the short action mag bolt face action a blued or stainless? Could you text pics to
  5. pittbull46
    pittbull46 jonbearman
    is the Lee 6.5x55 a full length die
  6. balloonpilot9513
    balloonpilot9513 drumcorpschamp
    Call me when you have a chance to talk about it.
  7. yapaitu
    yapaitu Adlew
    This is Mark with the CSR-1 - will post pics in the morning - is there anything special you want to focus on? Gun is in pretty much mint condition. My email is:
  8. gianfranco
    gianfranco Gina1
    Non ti disturbo piú grazie ugualmente
  9. gianfranco
    gianfranco Gina1
    I'm sorry if I'm bothering you, I try to build an induction machine for annelling cartridge cases. (induction brass annealer redux) I would need the outer diameter of the plastic tube to run the spiral, possibly in mm please and the outer diameter of the copper tube that use for the spiral
    if possible send me the answer to (
    thanks .Gianfranco
  10. Catdaddy2
    Catdaddy2 moondog
    Can you send me a pic of the set trigger you replaced? Not trying to bb's just trying to see what you actually have. Also a close up of barrel markings. Thanks
    1. moondog
      It does not have a set trigger
      Delfuego thought it did.
      He is confusing my 527 VarTarg
      with this one.
      Jan 13, 2018
  11. scrappy20000
    scrappy20000 wildchild
    Sir I have sent several pm requesting pics , could you please send pics to 931-287-4597
    1. wildchild
      Sent 4.
      Im keeping track of 1st come 1st serve. Lol
      Jan 12, 2018
  12. Poncho Fong
    Poncho Fong dragman
    Would like prices of NF ATACR 5-25 and 7-35. Please email Ponco at TY!
  13. JohnKruzan
    JohnKruzan Thud
    Thud, I'm interested in the 24X Leupold on the Hall 22 Bench Rest rifle. Would you sell it for $260?
    Thanks for your reply. JohnKruzan
  14. Jack Grabeel
    Jack Grabeel dabeechman
    I would like to purchase an 25 round block for 26 Nosler and 338 Lapua with caliber engraving
  15. Bill Koepke
    Bill Koepke Peterson1
  16. Bill Koepke
    Bill Koepke Peterson1
    How much are you asking for it. What does does it come with. Is it power out manual. Do you have a picture
    1. Peterson1
      Send me your e-mail address and I will send photo,s
      Price is $210.00 shipped
      One shell holder = 6 ppc
      Has upgraded motor and trimmer blades from Giraud
      Perfect condition
      Jan 6, 2018
  17. Jrbrown454
    Jrbrown454 rocketron
    Great seller had a very smooth transaction. Was willing to share data with barrel that was bought. Thanks
  18. john pruitt
    john pruitt Thud
    if you still have the 55 gr bergers I would be interested John 918 808 3729
  19. GSPV
    Still counting down till retirement.
  20. Pav67
    Pav67 sparker
    I just unpacked a m5 scale I bought from you awhile back and can’t get it to zero.If I use the check weight I have to go heavy.With scale on zero it takes 2 of the cleaning patches used in shipping to raise the beam.Any help would be appreciated.Thanks Chris Pavloff 763 489-8941