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  1. harlon32
    harlon32 JBistagne
    send money to harlon harris 127 bowie circle Brownwood tx 76801 money order thanks
  2. ronsatspokane
    ronsatspokane Phil
    Smooth transaction, great communication. Hope to deal with Phil again.
  3. redrockranger
    redrockranger vicfox
    Got a 2013 like yours a couple of weeks ago.Haven't shot it much yet.It has an old Lyman LWBR 25 x scope. What tuner did you go with on yours ? I'm looking around for one.Undecided . Did you use the PRX to match your barrel ? How's it shooting for you ?

  4. iron308
    Ray Gross
  5. Wolfdawg
    Wolfdawg 1BAD284
    What are you asking for the sinclair rest?
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    2. 1BAD284
      600.00 + shipping
      Sep 17, 2017
  6. VaRandy
    VaRandy pauls
    Did you have a post within the last week about the .224 Vais? Thought I had sent you a PM but see none of it now. if you would, please call me at 804 690 6868 anytime,
  7. grouzer3
    Fclass to sling convert
  8. dickn52
    dickn52 keebler718
    I'm in Ocala. Got a spare Rock Chucker if you need one.
  9. shooter744
    shooter744 la-shooter
    PayPal friend and family
  10. GSPV
    Counting down till retirement.
  11. shooter744
    shooter744 velocette
    PayPal is
    Please post I'll take it in thread and send me your shipping info
  12. scottsdaleping
    need rem 40x,22 lr target stock.early style that uses rem 722 style floorplate..gun is sn 0275 and brand
  13. Hammer47
    Hammer47 linekin
    T^he OP has not contacted me so either 6X scope is yours. Let me know your wishes. gary
  14. Big Mc
    Big Mc
    New email is:
  15. Bocephus
    Bocephus Luckybutt
    Saw your recommendation for upgrade. Still positive?

  16. Nayboy
    Nayboy ttfreestyle
    Would have to have 850 for action and barrel or I am on the wrong end
  17. starider
    starider Esoteric Junkie
    I am interested in buying your rifle...have never done this kind of thing online...what is the process
  18. 223Randy
    223Randy tred1956
    my phone is 8596911480
  19. 223Randy
    223Randy tred1956
    please send me a pic of the second scale -it it also usa made ohas?

  20. Don Jeffers
    Don Jeffers su35
    Super nice gentleman to do business with fast shipment thanks Bob