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  1. Doug Beach
    Doug Beach mark s
    Received prompt delivery of Mark's Barnard action wrench. Nice piece.
  2. 7mm looney
    7mm looney
    for 20vt what starting to max loads 32&39 gr using 4198 - and rel 7 Not much info out there.
  3. jobie
    jobie longbow
    Fast Payment , great to deal with
  4. RossL
    RossL charlesasmith
    The rubber hose was 3/8" OD. I tapered the tip with a knife so it would wedge into the neck area of any rifle I use from 6mm BR to 375 Taylor.

    As for using the CO2. Hold hose in place while you open up tank valve then rotate T handle to get a mild flow coming out of the end of the barrel.
  5. RossL
  6. RossL
    RossL charlesasmith
    Hi Charles,

    I tried to post the information and kept getting less than 420 characters prompt.

    Email me and I will explain.

    Will try at least this:
    Use a 20 lb CO2 tank minimum. Regulator is a Prest-O-Lite R36-50-580.
  7. PeteW
    PeteW Forum Boss
    My sign-in email has recently closed, so I need to change it to a current one. How do I do this, please?
    Best wishes.
  8. RustyRick
    RustyRick Forum Boss
    I understand A Paul Minnum ? (I'm sure I butchered that name) is the Forum Boss? I'd like to email Paul. Could you have him email me at Thanks Rick
  9. bbassi
    I don't want to run them down in an open forum just yet but it is X-caliber.
    IPSCNUT bbassi
    mind divulging who the manufacturer is!!!! I'm in the middle of a .20 practical project and unfortunately am reading more and more about issues relating to .20 Practical barrel issues.

    Thanks Paul Ritch
  11. seaman
    Trying to help to save Outdoor Activities for Future Generations by offering Mentoring Programs.
  12. Greg Lucero
    Greg Lucero Thumper
    is the scope still available
  13. GaryL1959
    GaryL1959 Carolina Man
    Semper Fi ! Cpl. G. Lamberth, Alpha 1/6, 2ndMarDiv, '81 - 85
  14. steve_podleski
    steve_podleski luckyshot52
    great service and response time for berger 105 hybrids. Thanks!
  15. XTR
  16. nativecat01
    nativecat01 nmsheephunter
    Email for paypal: I will let you know when it ships. Thanks
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  17. PukaD123
    PukaD123 Thud
    Is there anyway you could take a n AS NEW in Box A-Bolt-3 in 6.5 Creedmoor as partial payment for one of your Leopold 45 x 45 competition scopes? The A-bolt is less than a month old, has a new Mueller 8 x 32 x 44 target scope on it I have $600 into this. I can pay the balance of the $750 scope paypal. I'd also be interested in a Weaver T 46 x 48 scope or Burris F class scope.
  18. gat
    gat Damfino
    Super guy to deal with! Look forward to future transactions!
  19. Earlybirds
    Earlybirds IdahoSharpshooter
    Just checking if you got my response. My messages are not going through, I think
  20. ROCKJAG4